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Welcome to the First Combat. Gear up with all the knowledge you can gather from different streams. Lots of reward points and experience points to be won.

WINNER of the combat will win a brand new Power Bank of 2200 mAh (MRP INR 1095/-)

Please Read the Rules Carefully.

Rules to Participate

1. This is a SKILL based quiz having 50 Multiple Choice Questions with a unique answer and equal weight. Choose the best possible answer.

2. Time Limit for the Quiz is Max 40 mins.

3. Answers can be submitted only once. Only one entry per person is allowed.

4. Submission window - 6 Jan 1900hrs to 8 Jan 2100 hrs (IST)

5. WINNER will be determined as the person who is ranked first.

Rank will be based on the score out of 50. Higher score will result in better rank.
If more than one people share a score, the person who SUBMITS FIRST will be placed higher.
Please note that person who submits first DOES NOT mean the person who takes less time to complete.
For example if two people are tied at a score, then the person who takes 38 mins to complete the quiz but submits at 9 pm will be placed higher than the person who takes 25 mins to complete the quiz but submits at 10 pm on the same day. So it is better to start as soon as possible so that submission can be done faster.

Winner will get a 2200 mAh power bank along with 400 reward points and 200 experience points.
Rank 2 and 3 will get 300 RP and 150 XP.
Rank 4 and 5 will get 250 RP and 125 XP.
Rank 6 to 10 will get 200 RP and 100 XP.
Rank 11 to 15 will get 150 RP and 75 XP.
Rest All will get 80 RP and 40 XP.

8. Since the quiz involves tangible prizes, to avoid any fake use of account, your phone number must be updated in your profile which is required to get in touch with the winners. Numbers updated later may be rejected to curb unlawful use.

9. Although enough care is taken for accuracy of the questions and answers, in case of a reported issue the decision of the organizers will be final and binding for that question as well as subsequent decisions.

Any rules are subject to change without prior notice.
Please read the final draft before attempting the quiz.
Any user not subscribing to rules or as deemed unlawful or cheating by the organizers at their sole discretion is liable to be disqualified.
Decision of the organizers will be final and binding to all.
Any person below 18 years must read the rules carefully with a parent or a guardian before moving forward.
Attempting of quiz will automatically mean acceptance of all terms and conditions.
All users will be responsible for their own arrangements for systems and internet connection etc.
We are not responsible for any server performance or issues or anything beyond our control including Force Majeure.
The quiz in no manner claims to be imparting any knowledge of any kind and nor does it claim any facts or has any intention of hurting any sentiments or beliefs.
Any dispute is subject to Indore (MP) Jurisdiction only.

Battle Time

2015-01-06 1900 HRS - 2015-01-08 2100 HRS

Playing Time

2400 Seconds

Other Details

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