Prizes to be won:


Rules to Play:

• A total of 80 transfers for Phase 1 during the course of the tournament. There will be unlimited transfers allowed before the first match.
• You can select your team for each match. In the event of two matches in a day, please note that you can change your team/captain for the second match after the scheduled start time of the day’s first match.

Selecting Your Team

  • To select your team, login through your G+ and Facebook.
  • Start by selecting a team name. For the IPL, you must select your 11 men team (with one player designated as your captain) using a budget of 1000 million BS dollars
  • You need to have minimum of 3 batsmen, 3 bowlers and exactly 1 pure wicket keeper (player with only skill as wicket-keeping) in your team.
  • Once you login, you can go to IPL Fantasy League page.
  • Click on the the name of the player you wish to transfer out from your current line-up and then select the player you wish to transfer into your team from the list of available players by clicking on the player’s name.
  • Few players have dual skill in the game. You can select their desired skill of the player through a pop-up. Please note that skill selected will not have any bearing on the point scoring.
  • Press SUBMIT YOUR TEAM button to complete the transfer(s) made to your team. Please do remember to nominate a captain before you submit.

Things to Note

  • What Constitutes a Transfer – Please note that a simple “one player out, one player in” represents one team transfer. Five players out and five players in counts as five team transfers, irrespective of whether they are carried out at the same time or not.
  • Player Points Through Transfers-The points scored by a player whilst in your team that was frozen at the time of match start will be credited to your team total. You will NOT score points obtained by a player after they are transferred out for the next match, nor will you gain the points scored by the incoming player for the earlier matches before being brought into your team.

Making Team Changes for the IPL
For any given series in the BSBattle Fantasy League, including the IPL, transfers are unlimited till the scheduled start of the 1st match, and in between phases/stages.

For E.g.: 1st match of the IPL starts on 8th April 2015. There are no restrictions on the number of transfers you can make before it.

Transfers are deducted only after the scheduled start of the 1st match of the phase of the series/tournament.

All transfers must be made before the scheduled start of the match you wish to make changes for. Transfers made after the scheduled start of the match, will be applicable only for the next match.

Number of Transfers for the IPL
You can make up to 80 transfers for Phase 1 (Group Stages) and 20 transfers for Phase 2 (Knock outs) during the course of IPL.

Captain changes for the IPL Fantasy League
Captain changes are unlimited throughout the competition and can therefore be changed prior to the scheduled start time of every single match.

Scoring Rules


  • 1 point per run.
  • 2 points per six, -for a duck.
  • 10 points for every 25 runs scored.
  • Runs Scored – Balls faced.


  • 20 points per wicket.
  • 1 point per dot ball, 20 points for a maiden over.
  • 10 points for the 2nd wicket, 10 points for each subsequent wicket.
  • 1.5 x Balls – Runs conceded. If it is positive, it is doubled.


  • 10 points.
  • 15 points.
  • 15 points.
  • 10 points for each player involved.


  • 25 points

NOTE:  All players earn batting, bowling and fielding points, regardless of the roles they have been assigned. All the above points get doubled for your Captain. Scoring rules remain the same across all game modes.

Read the terms and conditions to participate in Fantasy League.