Mark8ivity – transcending creativity


Mark8ivity – Transcending Creativity

NIRVAHANA & Mark8Inc presents Mark8tivity : A rigorous battle between the best of minds .

Round 1 : Invigoration : (Online)

Nirvahana presents an opportunity to gear up your Marketing caps and brain-storm over invigorating few of the most prominent products & marketing campaigns that went viral yet end in a fiasco.
Showcase the acumen you got, battle with best brains across India.!

Round 2 : Quiz (On Campus)

Shortlisted Candidates will be intimated via mail.

Round 3 : (On Campus) : M Plan

Given, we understand Marketing is more about putting creativity at work, Here’s some twist to the usual STP of products. All you need to do is spice up your imagination and crusade against your rivals to get your product the best marketing plan.

Participation : Team of 2 members
Prizes : Rs 25000/-

PDPU Open Quiz 2015


PDPU Open Quiz is the annual quizzing extravaganza organized by the Quiz club of the PDPU, Mind Ripple. It is one of the largest knowledge based events of Gujarat and aims to become the largest Open Quiz of Western India. It is aimed at popularizing the concept of quizzing in Gujarat, irrespective of the age. So if you are school going student or a corporate, a college student or a housewife or are enjoying your retirement, come to PDPU Open Quiz 2015 and experience quizzing at its helm.

PDPU Open Quiz 2015 is an endeavour by PDPU to bring the open quiz experience to Gujarat. The 5th edition of PDPU Open Quiz strives to reach out to people beyond Gujarat. The quiz is organised in a 2 day format. On the first day India Quiz and MELA Quiz and on the second day we would have Mr. Kunal Savarkar, Director of Quizcraft Events and Communications Pvt. Ltd. and also a BBC Mastermind India Semi finalist hosting the Mega Quiz.

On 31st January, 2015 test yourself on how much you know about India – heritage, economy, politics & everything under the sun that’s related to India. This session of the PDPU OPEN QUIZ to celebrate the wide spectrum of Indian culture, India Quiz seemed the apt way of honouring it.

MELA stands for Music, Entertainment, Literature and Arts. If you like watching movies, TV shows, listen to music, appreciate art and read books then this is the quiz for you! Come one come all on 31st January, 2015 Un-arguably the most sought after of all quizzes which manage to rake in huge participants. This particular quiz is one that connects with everyone and not just avid quizzers.

The 1st February, 2015 of the PDPU OPEN QUIZ, much publicised and eagerly awaited, MEGA GENERAL QUIZ. The quiz, being a general one includes questions from all the possible spheres of life. The mixed bag of questions varies from arts to sciences to business, suitable for all.

Teams could comprise of:

In short, just FORM-a-PAIR and be at POQ ’15.

Registration will be done in a team of 2.
Cross Institutional Teams allowed.
The quiz is open for school students from Class 9th and above.
School Students participants must be from the same school. However they can be from different classes.
It will be compulsory for the participants to carry their valid ID cards (school ID card, College ID Card, Voter ID Card, PAN ID Card, License, Company ID Card etc.) and for school students to wear their school uniforms.
Teams will have to report by 9:30 am on the day of the event.
Registrations can be done by logging in to our website
Eliminations will be followed by the finals. Top 6 teams will be selected for the finals. The Best School Team and The Best All Female Team will be given a special prize for their performance.
Quiz master’s discretion would be final.
Audience is requested to maintain the decorum and not to prompt answers.
Participants are expected to quiz in the spirit of quizzing.
Audience is requested not to litter the auditorium.
Food/Drinks are not allowed in the auditorium.
Smoking and Consumption of Alcohol, Tobacco, or Illegal Drugs is strictly prohibited in the Campus/Auditorium/Canteen/Buses.

BLUEPRINTS | The B-Plan Competition


ECell-DTU is proud to announce BLUEPRINTS | The B-Plan Competition of the E Summit’15.

Details and registration:

Registration deadline: Sunday, 25 January 2015

Blue-Prints is the annual business plan competition organised by E-Cell DTU.The B-Plan competitionl is the definitive entrepreneurship contest designed to encourage students to act on their talent,ideas and energy to produce the leading firm’s of tomorrow.

The event looks for ideas that bridge the divide between a need and the marketplace. The event is judged by a panel of been-there-done-that entrepreneurs, VC’s and legal experts.

2. Program Structure

Register your team and tell us about your Idea and team.

Those selected will be called for a preliminary round where they will have to pitch their ideas in front of the judges. The selected teams will be then mentored by industry experts, so they can work on their ideas and take them to the next level.

The final round will be held during the E-Summit at DTU, during which the teams will be judged on their progress.

For Further information contact:
Avikrit Waadhwa : +91 9717416540
Shubham Bajaj: +91-9999934266



Can Indian customers buy products without any physical touch and feel? Are e-tailers and
retailers two sides of the same coin for the customers? How do brands perceive the difference
between the two? Is it all lost for the brick and mortar retailers in this game? And most
importantly how will brick and mortar retailers faced with high costs continue to fight the battle
and be profitable. These are few critical challenges affecting the overall retail industry. Its time
future and current managers think of strategies that will decide the future landscape of this
industry and hence the big question,


Team size: – Minimum 2 – Maximum 3 members.
Number of teams per institute: – Two teams per institute.
Who can participate: – All 1st & 2nd year students of full time MBAOR equivalent program recognized by AICTE.
A Team can have a combination of 1st & 2nd year students. In case of two teamsall six members have to be distinct.

Registration should be done in the following manner :-
 Name of the institute
 Name of the participants
 Email address
 Contact number

Please check the rules and regulations uploaded in attachments

Alpha Manager


Alpha Manager is the ultimate business challenge which gives you a chance to prove your mettle in various managerial abilities, be it Crisis Management, Business Acumen, PR skills or simply Listening ability. An event made to challenge and hunt for the best of minds in the field of management. A battle of wits, communication, negotiation & persuasion.

Event Format: Event Format: The event consists of 2 parts: The ELIMINATION and The FINAL BATTLE which are divided into 3 rounds with multiple levels.

After Round 1: After Round 1 : 60 participants
After Round 2: 6 shortlisted + 6 waitlisted

The Stages are -

Round 1 – Online Quiz: Online quiz will be on all management specializations like Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR, systems etc. It will be an MCQ quiz.
Round 2 – PPT Submission: 6 business sectors with 1 product each would be given to the candidates. The candidate has to choose one category and come up with an end-to-end business plan for the product under that category.
Round 3 – On Campus Round: There would be 4-5 rounds on campus testing managerial skills.
Rules and Regulations

The online quiz would be of 30 mins and 45 questions.
Only one set of answers can be sent.
Laptop is compulsory for each participant in the final.
Only one student from each institute will be selected for the final round.
There will be only 1 winner who will be The Alpha Manager.
Detailed rules for individual rounds to be communicated shortly.
Panel’s decision would be final.




Students pursuing graduation, post-graduation and PhD are eligible to participate in this competition.
The event is also open to corporate & other social enterprises. Each team will comprise of maximum 3 members. All the members should be from the same institution/organization.
Multiple entries from a single institution/organization are allowed.
Registration fee for the event is Rs. 300/- per team.
An applicant cannot be a part of more than one team.
One member of each team should be nominated as the team captain and the same should be communicated to B-KONZEPT at the time of the initial submission. All communication from B-KONZEPT will be directed to this representative. The team captain should register using the Register link in the B-KONZEPT event page on our website A Team Name is mandatory.
Teams who do not adhere to any of the rules and guidelines can be disqualified during any phase of the event.
Participants (Tezpur University)

Participants can directly deposit the registration fees at the Department of Business Administration, Tezpur University and will be provided a receipt for the same.

Participants (from outside Tezpur University)

You can deposit the registration fees through any of the following 3 methods:

Through Green Channel into our SBI A/c No. 10501585655
Through Bank Deposit Slip
Through DD
Payment may be made in favour of MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT CELL, TEZPUR UNIVERSITY, payable at SBI NAPAAM, TEZPUR. ACCOUNT NO. : 10501585655,

IFSC: SBIN 0014259

(If you are a SBI account holder, you can swipe your card in the teller counter and transfer the amount, else you have to do RTGS for which then IFSC is required.)

NOTE: A scanned image copy (not photographs) of the deposit slip (in .jpeg/.jpg image format) must be sent along with your e-mail submissions of your Executive Summary during Phase 1. In case of Green Channel payment, scanned copy of the transaction-generated slip will suffice. And in case of Demand Draft, please mention the Demand Draft No. in a separate word document and name the document as “DEMAND DRAFT” and send it to us along with your Phase 1 submissions. Teams who fail to do so will be disqualified. No further communication will be sent in case of missing scanned copies of the aforementioned document.


The first phase of the contest involves submission of an Executive Summary of the plan for a self-sustainable venture. It begins on 8 January 2015 and ends on 02 February 2015.
Interested team needs to first register using the Register link on our website (See Registration Rules for more details). Multiple registrations for a single team are unwarranted.
Executive summary should be submitted as a two Word/pdf documents – One of which is the cover page and the second is a 3 page summary of your idea.
The summary should be in Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1 line spacing and 1 inch margin on each side
Executive summary should not exceed 3 pages. Exhibits, if any, can be included in one additional page
The name of the institute and the names of the participating members, email ids and phone numbers are to be mentioned only on the cover page document. It should not appear anywhere else in the body of the document. Also highlight the name of the team captain for the group. There should be no mention of your institute or the name of the contestants anywhere else in the document
The Executive Summary files should be named as B-KONZEPT_Cover and B_KONZEPT_Summary
The document should be uploaded using the “Choose File” button available in the REGISTER tab while filing up the registration form.
There are 3 “Choose File” buttons: 1st button can be used for uploading the B-KONZEPT_Cover, 2nd button for uploading B-KONZEPT_Summary and the third option for submitting proof of payment of Registration fee (scanned image/Demand Draft doc)
The Executive Summary is expected to address the following areas:
The problem or condition being addressed:

Present market scenario and feasibility of the venture.
Scope of the venture. (In case of a social entrepreneurship venture, please mention the social issues/problems that the venture will be addressing).

The B-Plan:

Statement of the initiative
Business Model
Implementation of the Business Model Feasibility and sustainability of the idea
Financials (if any) such as Return on Investment (RoI), Payback period, etc
Break-Even Analysis
Novelty and scalability of the Idea (optional)

How is your initiative unique?
Is your plan replicable?
Additional Details – Any feature of the idea that requires special attention.

All entries will be evaluated by faculties, seasoned entrepreneurs and consultants. Their decision shall be final and binding.

Rules for Phase 2 will be intimated to the selected teams from Phase 1 (4 teams that will be proceeding to Phase 2) via mail/telephone call. The 4 selected teams will have to come to Tezpur University for the Final Round of the competition. Teams will have to bear their own travelling expenses. However, the organizers will be providing accommodation and food in the campus for 1 day. Further details regarding this will be provided to the selected teams after the end of Phase 1.

Avyukta – Naissance 2015


Avyukta – Naissance 2015 is a Best Manager Competition Organized by Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development

Spread over 3 days, Avyukta will test your wit, skill and mettle against the best of the best. It is a series of events relating to business, management and on how well you can play with theStrategies. So if you need to be called as Avyukta, you need to take risks, handle stress, display tolerance, have patience and bag the title of Best Manager in what will undoubtedly be an intense battle.

Prize worth 30,000 to be won!!

Online Picture Story Contest



Rules and Regulations:

The picture story need not essentially be based on a theme.
Images used in the picture story should be original and not edited.
Maximum of 10 images can be used for depicting and connecting the story.
Story should be described in less than 200 words.
Maximum of 10 images can be connected in either “ppt” or “pptx” format.
Only one Picture Story per participant/team is permissible.
If you’re participating as a team, nominate one among you as the Team Captain. The Team Captain will then have to fill out the Registration Form.
You can upload your submissions using the “Choose File” button in the “REGISTER HERE” Tab.
Registration Fees:

Registration fees for the contest is Rs 200. (See below for Mode of Payment)
NOTE: Proof of payment (scanned copy of the receipt in case of Green Channel and Bank Deposit or DD number) should be submitted during registration-cum-submission using the “Choose File” button in the “REGISTER HERE” Tab.

You can deposit the registration fees through either of the following 3 methods:

Through Green Channel into our SBI A/c No. 10501585655
Through Bank Deposit Slip
Through DD
Payment may be made in favor of MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT CELL, TEZPUR UNIVERSITY, payable at SBI NAPAAM, TEZPUR. ACCOUNT NO. : 10501585655,

IFSC: SBIN 0014259

(If you are a SBI account holder, you can swipe your card in the teller counter and transfer the amount, else you have to do RTGS for which then IFSC is required.)



Important inclusions in the B-Plan

The Business concept – Mission
What is the origin of your idea?
What precisely, is your product or service?
What is the uniqueness and innovativeness of your product/service?
What value is created by uniqueness of your product to the end user?
The Problem
This section should include one or two paragraphs describing the “problem” that you are addressing. It should concisely and precisely state the “pain” and what causes it.

The Solution
This section should contain a solution to the above problem – this section essentially documents the method you have used to address the “pain”.
The Opportunity – Market Size and Scope
This section should document how big the “problem” is – i.e. have some numbers about the market that gives an indication of how much “value” you are creating through the “solution” you are proposing.

Strategy – Execution
How will the product/service be developed (possible plan to build the product or implementing the service to check the feasibility option), manufactured, marketed and sold?
How will you make money? What will be your Revenue Mechanism?
State at least three drivers of revenue to which your model is sensitive.
State at least three drivers of cost to which your model is sensitive.
In this section, outline others who have similar offerings or other products that could be used / are currently being used as substitutes to solve the “problem” including the following:
Who are your potential and current, direct and indirect competitors in organised and unorganised market?
What are the factors that give you competitive advantages and disadvantages?
State entry and exit barriers of your market.
Competitive Advantage
Why do you think you can beat the competition? Describe the barriers to entry i.e. intellectual property (Patents, copyrights, trademarks), assets you posses in the form of expertise and resources and also the factors that give you competitive advantages and disadvantages.
Describe how much you think you will be able to earn in the form of revenue for the company over the next 3-5 years.
Funding Requirement

How much capital will be required?
How will you fulfil your capital requirements?
Team Description (max. 4 team members)
How many members are in your team?
What value and skill set a member brings to team?
What other team member you will need? State his skill sets.

Design Mania


Nutrino Energy is a part of GW Solar ware. Nutrino offers solutions, which not only enables but also empowers the use of Renewable Energy. Nutrino is a multidisciplinary organization in corporate social responsibility (CSR) consulting, Renewable Energy consulting and capacity building on Renewable Energy. Nutrino’s energy solutions aim to enhance Renewable Energy skill development productivity, economic and social prosperity of rural and urban regions of India. Nutrino Energy has successfully developed consultancy and capacity building business based on proven industry experience in renewable energy technologies.

Being in Renewable energy sector, we are looking for creative ideas which can build nutrino’s corporate identity. We invite all bright minds to put creativity on designing a brochure for Renewable Energy company. You can get all the details about the company on

“No Idea is big or small, the way you do it makes it big or small”