BSbattle.com is an online platform for skill based jobs and competitions. It is one of its kind portal which connects students from across the globe to participate online and compete based on their skills. You can start taking drills to practice and warm-up before you start participating in combats and eventually gear up for battles. Every battle brings in great opportunities for rewards. You can win goodies, cash prizes, job opportunities, internships interviews and lots more.

Once you join in as a cadet, you need to earn points, both reward as well experience, as well as medals, to mark your journey ahead. From cadet to supreme commander, you need to work really hard and earn points and medals by competing in drills, combats and battles to raise yourself to glory.

We at BSbattle.com believe in recognising and rewarding the skills that every human possesses or has developed over the years. We want to give you all a platform to demonstrate the same and eventually get rewarded. Play online, compete and challenge, and win these competitions based on your skills.

Let success be your goal !
Let the battles begin !!

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